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Library Services

Library functions:

Manor House is part of the Lewisham network and the London Consortium with access to over five million books. So as well as browsing the library you can also look up the online catalogue online and reserve books from the wider network, then come and collect them from Manor House. The online catalogue can be accessed at any time using your library card at https://www.lewisham.gov.uk/myservices/libraries

So, as well as being able to borrow and return your Manor House books here, you can also borrow and return books from other Lewisham libraries and indeed return your Manor House books at other libraries. At the moment you can not pay any fees at Manor House, but the library service is working on a solution to that. In the meantime if your fees total less than £10 you can carry on using the library.

Don’t forget that there are a wide variety of other things you can do with your library card – read newspapers and magazines online, not only UK top titles, but editions from around the world. You can also download audio books and digital books and much more besides – see the Lewisham Libraries web site for more information.

If you are not yet a library member but wish to join, then you can do so at Manor House, please bring two forms of identification with you, one of which must have your current address on it. For example a driving licence, or a bill or bank statement dated within the last three months. Children should have their own library cards but they are not expected to provide ID, they do however need to be linked to an adult’s card.


Libraries are not just about books of course, and our photocopier is brand new and allows for colour and black and white copying in A4 and A3.


The photocopier also doubles up as a scanner and if you bring a USB stick you can scan directly onto it from the scanner and then transfer the file to your computer or one of ours. Scanning is currently free.

Computers and Printing services.

With your Lewisham library card you can log onto one of our PCs. The computers are running on the Windows 10 operating system and offer Word and Excel as well as a choice of browsers. You automatically get given an hour when you log on, and as long as we are not busy with people waiting, you can extend sessions to a maximum of three hours a day. Printing in colour or black and white is available in A4 size, or we can arrange printing of A3 pages if you bring your files in on a USB stick.

Our computers come with re-writing software, so that when you log out the computer will re-boot and be re-set to a time before you logged on – so it doesn’t just remove your files, it erases the fact you were ever on the computer, only a log from the server to prove you were there. All our computers come with smart filters, to stop users browsing anything unsuitable for a public space.

Printing and photocopying charges are currently:
10p per black and white A4 single side
50p per colour A4 single side
15p per black and white A3 single side
£1 per colour A3 single side

Current activities at the library include:

For kids:
Storytime Monday morning at 11am
Rhymetime Wednesday morning at 11am

For adults:
3 different book groups meet at Manor House Library:

Manor House Reading Group – Thursday 2pm – last Thursday of the month

Manor House Saturday Reading Group – Saturday 11am – 2nd Saturday of every month

Blackheath Reading Group – Thursday 6pm – First Thursday of the Month

On Thursday evenings at 6pm craft club meets to chat and work on their latest individual or collective projects.