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Lego Card Swap

The hottest craze since fidget spinners, Sainsburys’ Lego Create The World Cards are going down a storm with children everywhere.

This half term join us for a Lego card swap meet, Wednesday 31st May, 9:45 – 10:45.

We have set out some rules to make the swapping fair.

1. Bring up to 12 cards to be swapped. Please put them in Chronological order.
2. Write 12 cards down that you need on a piece of paper.
3. Hand your cards in to be swapped between quarter to 10 and 5 past 10.
4. You will be given a credit slip to collect the same number of cards.
5. Swapping to commence at 10:15
6. Swapping is purely on a first come first served basis.
7. Additional swapping can be done between individual swappers after the event finishes at quarter to 11 in the park.
8. No snatching, arguing or fighting over cards.
9. All children must be accompanied by an adult. All adults must be accompanied by a child.
10. Remember Everything is Awesome.

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